Secomea RDM 6.0 build 15363 - Beta 01
  • 07 May 2021
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Secomea RDM 6.0 build 15363 - Beta 01

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Software Release: Secomea RDM 6.0 build 15363 - Beta 01 release
Release Date: 2015-09-04.

     (c) Copyright 2015, Secomea A/S.  All rights reserved.

Scope and production information

This is Secomea Remote Device Management release 6.0 Beta 01

This release note describes changes since release 5.11 build 15175.

Products covered:

LinkManager 6041 - Software


  1. Highlights of this release

  • Support for Windows 10 32/64bit.

  1. New features and improvements


  • Support for "Auto-tune" (#6471)
    Downloading projects on a network with high latencty and poor performance
    this release add optimized traffic pattern and limit bursting data.
    If there should be a problem with a project download this "Auto-tune"
    feature will solve it.
    Note: "Auto-tune" require both SiteManager and GateManager to run
    release 6.0 firmware.

  • Remote access is disabled on target (#6793)
    A mouse-over now prompt the above text if Remote Management on the
    SiteManager is set to: Relays and heartbeat only.

  • Added Service for Telnet and SSH (#7102)

  1. Bug Fixes.


  • Fixed an install issue when installing on Windows 10. Multiple ethernet
    adapters was created everytime the LinkManager tried to start.

  • GM Login button now link to https:// and not http://

  • Refress-RTT "circle"-icon sometimes would hang due to high load on the
    LinkManager connection. This is solved with the new 6.0 release.
    Require SiteManager and GateManager running 6.0.

  1. Upgrade information.

Software Products

  • Note that LinkManager must be upgraded by running the corresponding
    Setup program using an administrator account.

  • LinkManager come with a set of Windows drivers that
    will be installed or upgraded when running the Setup program. You may
    have to confirm the installation of these drivers.

  • First time you start LinkManager after the upgrade (or after a new
    installation), you may be prompted to accept the installation of
    Secomea's CA certificate as a trusted root certificate. You should
    allow this to prevent Windows from looking for new drivers on the
    Windows Update site each time you establish a serial or USB connection.

  1. Known issues or limitations


  • Even though it is possible to configure and connect to multiple USB agents
    on a given SiteManager, it is currently not possible to use more than one
    device of any given type (there is currently no way to differentiate
    between such identical USB devices).
    between such identical USB devices).

  • Due to restrictions on secure web-site certificate authentication, most
    modern browsers may prevent you from accessing https based services via
    the LinkManager's Go To Appliance functionality in the non-activated
    state (Domain view).

    This is because the Go To Appliance function uses a different IP address
    than the actual IP address of the remote device, so the browser suspects
    that the target device's certificate (typically self-signed) may be a

    There is no easy way to get around this problem, so you will have to
    follow the somewhat tedious procedure of your browser to bypass the
    warnings and connect to the device anyway.

    Note: You should not store the certificate permanently in Firefox.

    Using Go To Appliance in GateMananger or LinkManager Mobile does not
    have this issue.


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