Request for Access
  • 22 Nov 2023
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Request for Access

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Article summary


Request for Access is only available in the Professional and Premium Packages.

This article will provide an overview of how to use Request for Access in the GateManager. The Request for Access feature is a security measure you can enable, to keep track of who is accessing appliances within your domain.

1. Find your eqiupment
When logged into the GateManager you will see the equipment listed by location.

Find and select the equipment you need access to - You should see the Request Access button.

2. Request access
Once you click the Request Access button, you can fill out the details for the request.


  • Reason for access request
  • Start time and duration of the the access
  • Response type, how you want to receive the response to the request. E.g. as a pop-up in the GateManager (seen below)


A pop-up will appear and show you to whom the request has been sent.


3. Wait for approval and connect
You can now wait for the approval by the responsible administrator.
When the access request is approved, a pop-up will notify you and the Connect and GTA buttons will become available.
You can now connect to the equipment and start your work.



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