Secomea Release 11.0
  • 20 Nov 2023
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Secomea Release 11.0

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Full release notes can be found here:


SiteManager (Hardware & Embedded)


[RD-6401] - CVE-2023-2912.


[RD-6368] - Add device search to UPLINK interface.
[RD-6378] - Update for newest Teltonika firmware.
[RD-6384] - New JTM2M APN for nextm2m.


[RD-6312] - DEV ports may be blocked by BPDU protection of external switch.
[RD-6381] - Connection to GM port 11444 via proxy does not work.
[RD-6382] - Proxy authentication using "Digest" method does not work.
[RD-6389] - SiteManager Fix button leads to incorrect menu.



[RD-6391] - Show last-login on Group > Accounts tab.
[RD-6399] - Simplify handling of option toggles via "gm" command.
[RD-6428] - Improve user feedback on when auto-disable is enabled.
[RD-6429] - Use free ClamAV for scanning public and shared files.
[RD-6433] - Stop offering deprecated elliptic curves on web server.
[RD-6434] - Enhance information available via CRM API.
[RD-6435] - Manage advanced groups via CRM API.

[RD-6363] - GTA support for in-browser RDP and other services.
GateManager, with an active In-Browser agents feature license, may now provide in-browser viewers for RDP, VNC, SSH, and Telnet services. The GateManager installer automatically installs and starts an Apache Guacamole/guacd docker container to support this feature.

SiteManager firmware is extended with a new set of corresponding in-browser agents, which can only be accessed via GTA in-browser viewers and not from LinkManager.

[RD-6390] - Add support for in-browser file transfer with virus scanning.
In addition to the basic in-browser RDP support, GM 11.0 with an active "GTA file sharing" feature license also supports file transfers (in both directions) between the browser (in GM portal) and the remote PC if the SiteManager in-browser RDP agent has enabled "file sharing" option. If a virus scanner is configured on the GM server, files uploaded to GM are automatically scanned for viruses before they are made available to the PC, and likewise for remote files downloaded to the browser.


Please note that these features (RD-6363 and RD-6390) were added to the GateManager in the 11.0 release but have not yet been enabled because the related license is not available yet.


[RD-6134] - SME 6322 isn't recognized in Domain Content summary.
[RD-6369] - Insufficient verification of new WS certificate and private key.
[RD-6372] - GM firmware update script reports "server timed out" for all errors.
[RD-6375] - Audit log from SiteManager is not stored correctly.
[RD-6377] - GTA buttons are shown for offline appliances and agents.
[RD-6379] - AD script does not work for domain names with periods '.'.
[RD-6396] - In-browser GTA fails for devices accessed via Advanced Groups.
[RD-6398] - Some GM settings block various CRM API requests.
[RD-6412] - Obsolete javascript and css files don't get deleted on upgrade.
[RD-6422] - Extra newline is added to scripts on each save.
[RD-6439] - Joined objects cannot be (un)joining to an advanced group.



[RD-6382] - Proxy authentication using "Digest" method does not work.

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