Secomea Release 10.0
  • 02 Dec 2022
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Secomea Release 10.0

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Article Summary

Full release notes can be found here:

SiteManager (Hardware and Embedded)


[RD-6294] - CVE-2022-38124.


[RD-5951] - Forwarding Agent FTP NAT support.

[RD-6006] - Password complexity issue.


[RD-5653] - Remove Bibob APN from APN list.

[RD-5665] - SiteManager Email alerts via GM discard special characters.

[RD-5742] - SM may hang during boot when using Windows NTP service.

[RD-5757] - AT+SMS command does not allow / in text.

[RD-5765] - Duplicate MAC address on external WiFi dongles.

[RD-5783] - DCM GUI broken.

[RD-5790] - Misleading SME help text for generic agents.

[RD-5841] - Changing logo in a domain breaks all LogTunnel connections.

[RD-5901] - Serial port signals not handled correctly.

[RD-5911] - Alcatel USB modem doesn't connect to 4G.

[RD-5952] - Upgrading SM to 9.7 makes SM unable to read/register SD card for DCM Store&Forward.

[RD-5954] - Sporadic flash failure.





[RD-5713] - Improve management of optional GateManager features.

[RD-5813] - Make SM firmware version accessible via CRM API.

[RD-5895] - Enforce Password Policy on Server Side.

[RD-5910] - Make account "login method" available in CRM API.

[RD-5066] - Add setting to inhibit editing script files via GM portal.


[RD-5665] - SiteManager Email alerts via GM discard special characters.

[RD-5687] - Remove LM7.x-related Alerts and Actions.

[RD-5756] - SM 9.7 fails to connect to GM 9.7 with TLS via PROXY.

[RD-5758] - LM Latency / bandwidth line disappears after connect.

[RD-5762] - GM Portal fails to show after login (invalid cookie).

[RD-5804] - GM login fails when LDAP password contains UTF-8 characters.

[RD-5805] - Selection of GM or LM portal based on certificate type is broken.

[RD-5816] - Missing updates of domains in domain tree.

[RD-5817] - Unexpected logout after modifyng action.

[RD-5852] - Missing CSP header in some HTTP error pages.

[RD-5860] - No email is sent when updating password via CRM API.

[RD-5865] - LMM GTA no longer works in iframes (breaks webvisu widget).

[RD-5897] - Insufficient input validation on My Account page.

[RD-5933] - Incorrect JSON response to CRM API call.

[RD-5967] - Display problem in the Japanese popup of the LinkManager Troubleshooting.

[RD-6059] - Tidy Domain appliances has some issues.

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