LogTunnel setup - PULL scenario
  • 21 Nov 2023
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LogTunnel setup - PULL scenario

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Article summary

LogTunnel is a feature available if you have a Professional or Premium Package.

Here we will show how to set up a basic LogTunnel Scenario (PULL).

This scenario shows how a PC behind SiteManager 1 can easily connect to a Webserver behind SiteManager 2 using the Secomea LogTunnel.

We use a PULL Master in this scenario. The Webserver and the PC  could be all sorts of end-devices such as SCADA sever, PLC, HMI, cameras, etc.

Example of a LogTunnel Scenario - access to a web server.

How to set it up


Configuration for SiteManager1, the LogTunnel Master.

Step 2

Configuration for the webserver (SiteManager2), the LogTunnel Client.

Step 3

Setup in the GateManager after linking the Master with the Client.

Step 4

Test the connection by using the LogTunnel DeviceAddress, in this case,, then you should have access to your end device.

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