LED Status
  • 03 Aug 2021
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LED Status

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Article Summary

This article provides information on what the different LED states are. 


State (All models)



BootingSteady  RED  Blink-
GateManager Connecting or Disconnected2  RED  blink-
  • Remote Management is disabled via INPUT1 or SiteManager GUI
  • SiteManager in SMS Wakeup mode
OffLong pause + 2  GREEN  blink
GateManager ConnectedOn  GREEN -
  • UPLINK is physically disconnected.
  • GateManager configuration is missing, in the SiteManager.
  • No route to GateManager host due to its address being configured as DNS name and a DNS server is not configured or is not reachable/working.
On  RED -
LinkManager Connected-On  GREEN 

State (xx39 models only)


No SIM card detected, or no APN was found, configure APN manually


Wrong or missing SIM Pin code3  GREEN  blink
SIM PIN code OK, but no connection.
(Troubleshoot in SiteManager GUI)
2  GREEN  blink
GPRS connected (slow connection)on  GREEN  + 1  GREEN  blink
3G connected (fast connection)On  GREEN 
SiteManager is in SMS Wakeup modeLong pause + 2  GREEN  blink

Log LED status

b - boot stage is complete
c - LM connection terminated
G - initiating GM connection
H - initial GM connection state: not connected (normally G will follow if GM address is configured)

Example of LED Status seen in "Log > System":
Jan 1 01:23:45 daemon. debug IFCONFIG: Set WWAN led state: 'H' 

3G USB dongle





3G Connection

Searching for 3G

Blue2G ConnectionSearching for 2G

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