Installing SiteManager Embedded on Windows
  • 03 May 2021
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Installing SiteManager Embedded on Windows

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Article summary

This article will provide information on how to install SiteManager Embedded on Windows.
This is the step-by-step written tutorial - the video tutorial can be found here. Click here.

SiteManager Embedded (SM-E) is the software that you place in your remote location where you would want to gain access to a device. It is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to configure both remotely and locally.

Windows PC with internet connection
SiteManager Embedded installation file for windows - Download here

Step by Step Guide

  1. Download SiteManager Embedded for windows.
  2. Run the file you have downloaded.
  3. In the “Welcome to SiteManager Embedded Setup” window that opens click “Next”
  4. Please read the License Agreement and press “I Agree” if you accept the terms of use.
  5. Choose the folder you wish to install SiteManager Embedded to, by default SiteManager Embedded destination folder is under the “Program Files(x86)” folder and press install.
  6. The installation program will now install Sitemanager Embedded.
  7. When the installation program is done installing SiteManager Embedded – press finish, leave
  8. The checkmark in “Run Sitemanager Embedded”.
  9. The installation program will now open the SiteManagers Setup Assistant in your browser.

If you require assistance to set up the SiteManager Embedded please see the article below.

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