Installing SiteManager Embedded on NetComm Wireless
  • 22 Nov 2021
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Installing SiteManager Embedded on NetComm Wireless

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Article Summary

This article provides a guideline on how to install the SiteManager Embedded on a NetComm Wireless Router.

This guide assumes that the user has a NetComm Wireless router and has accessed the router's GUI following the Quick Start Guide from NetComm Wireless

Download the SiteManager Embedded firmware for NetComm Wireless router

The firmware can be downloaded from Firmware Download or directly HERE
Once the .tgz file is downloaded, you can move it and extract it to a folder.

The .ipk file will be used for installation later on.

Installing the SiteManager Embedded on NetComm Wireless router

Log into the NetComm Wireless router and go to 'System'

It is a requirement to be logged in as root-admin on the router
Default root-admin login credentials are:
Username: root
Password: admin

In 'System' go to 'System Configuration'>'Upload'

And Upload the .ipk file from earlier

Once uploaded, click 'Install' and a prompt will appear, confirm 'OK'

The router will now reboot, and once rebooted, the Custom Menu with the SiteManager Embedded will appear

The SiteManager can now be configured with a GateManager and Domain Token

Once the SiteManager Embedded appears in the GateManager, pay attention that the SiteManager Embedded gets assigned a License, as this is not done automatically.

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