How to Install SiteManager Embedded on Raspberry Pi
  • 30 Jun 2022
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How to Install SiteManager Embedded on Raspberry Pi

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Article summary

A simple tutorial, on how to install Raspbian on Raspberry Pi and install Secomea SiteManager Embedded on top of the Raspbian. The guide will be based on Raspbian Stretch Lite (Command Line only)

You will need A SiteManager Embedded license in your GateManager domain and Raspberry pi with an SD Card.

SiteManager Embedded downloads can be found here: Firmware Download Page

Step 1 - Install Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi.

You will need a tool to create SD cards. we recommend using Etcher.

In this guide, we use the version 2017-11-19-Raspbian-Stretch-lite.img

Etcher is very simple to use. Run the application, select image, select destination (SD card), and click flash.

When the process is complete, simply insert the SD card into the Raspberry pi.

Step 2 - Power up the Raspberry Pi and install the SiteManager Embedded

Make sure the Raspberry Pi has a working internet connection.

  • Login to the Raspberry pi:
  • Username: pi
  • Password: raspberry

Now download the latest SiteManager Embedded for Raspberry Pi here:

SiteManager Embedded Downloads

This can be done using wget with the command: URL="";wget "$URL"

Now run the SiteManager Embedded installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Run the installer like this:  sudo ./ 

Make sure to fill in the correct details (GateManager Server, Token, and SiteManager Name)

Now the SiteManager Embedded is installed and running

Step 3 - Attach the SiteManager Embedded in the GateManager.

Login to your GateManager account.

You should see your SiteManager Embedded online in your tree view (See below screenshot)

Select the SiteManager Embedded Appliance and click the "Bind License button"

By default, there is a "Full access agent" for The SiteManager Embedded.

Feel free to enter the GUI of The SiteManager and edit/change/add the appropriate agent(s).

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