GateManager Commands
  • 26 May 2021
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GateManager Commands

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The following describes commands provided by the GateManager server in the Linux shell.


You can use the following commands to control GateManager via the CLI (Command-line interface) i.e., “gm” The example below will show you the current status of your GateManager:

gm status 
  • start
    • Starts the GateManager
  • stop
    • Stops the GateManager
  • restart
    • Restarts the GateManager
  • rekey
    • Not in use
  • status
    • Shows the current status of the GateManager
  • list
    • Lists connected devices
  • backup
    • Initiates a backup
  • routes
    • Lists current static routes
  • recover_admin
    • Creates a recovery admin account (Username: RecoveryAdmin - Password: gatemanager)*
  • hostname
    • Shows Current Hostname
  • help
    • Shows the "Help" menu
* Note: The RecoveryAdmin account alias is removed on first login. One-time password introduced with GateManager v9.3

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