Secomea SiteManager Release 9.1
  • 19 May 2021
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Secomea SiteManager Release 9.1

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Article Summary


DCM for SiteManager Embedded (Linux version only) is now available (requires an SM-E extended license). It is called the 6311.
Ensure seamless DCM agent integration in SM Agent UI
LogTunnelPullmaster for SM-E for Linux
SM-E API is extended with DCM status and statistics
Persistent DCM SnF storage expansion for 35xx series (SD card now works)
Make cloud connectivity easy to verify
Remove SNMP custom agent
New no VNCview-only Agent
Silent/non-interactive install of SiteManager Embedded for Linux

Other Updates

Fixed - Error in multi config parsing when sending DCM configuration from SPD Dataserver to DCM device.
Change - Lenze Agent update with TCP:9410.
Change - CUSTOM agent type removed from SME.
Fixed - SiteManager35xx sometimes fails to use the correct MAC address.
Fixed - 3/4G WAN failover now also works without a probe host configured.
Fixed - DCM no longer crashes when saving a configuration with SampleList.
Fixed - TriggerNewInterval no longer causes Modbus sample points to sample very fast.
FIxed - DCM waits indefinitely after cold boot even when the NTP server is configured correctly.
Fixed - DCM has the wrong EdgeLD after SM changes GM server and reconnects.
Fixed - Can now connect to a SiteManager that has no agent configured.
Fixed - Restarting DCM no longer has adverse effects.
Fixed - DCM - FCDataShift now works correctly.
Fixed - Sync between DCM and Cumulocity now works as intended.
Fixed - DCM no longer fails to complete TLS handshake in certain scenarios.
Fixed - Help text for OPC UA collector with certificate is incorrect.
Fixed - Large DCM Configurations now correctly upload to DCC.
Fixed - SM35xx DEV port now works correctly after a cold/warm boot.
Fixed - SM3549: Added Tx Power for WiFi AP mode to increase coverage and limit package loss.

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