Secomea Release 8.3
  • 06 May 2021
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Secomea Release 8.3

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Software Release: Secomea Remote Device Management 8.3 - Public release
Release Date: 2018-10-15

     (c) Copyright 2018, Secomea A/S.  All rights reserved.

Scope and production information

This is Secomea Remote Device Management release 8.3 build 18404.
SiteManager Embedded is released as 8.3 build 18424.

This release note describes changes since release 8.2 build 18335.

Numbers #xxxx are references to Secomea bug tracker issues.

Products covered:

GateManager 4250 (Hardware version)
GateManager 4260 (Hardware version)
GateManager 8250 (Software version [for Linux OS])
GateManager 9250 (Software version [for GateManager OS])

LinkManager Mobile (GateManager Integrated service)

LinkManager 6051 - Client software, for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

SiteManager 3439 - Hardware, DIN mount, 4-port switch, integrated 3G
SiteManager 1439 - Hardware, DIN mount, 4-port switch, integrated 3G

SiteManager 3429 - Hardware, DIN mount, 4-port switch, ext 3G (USB)
SiteManager 1429 - Hardware, DIN mount, 4-port switch, ext 3G (USB)

SiteManager 3349 - Hardware, DIN mount, integrated WiFi Client
SiteManager 1149 - Hardware, DIN mount, integrated WiFi Client

SiteManager 3339 - Hardware, DIN mount, integrated 4G (EU/US/CN/JP models)
SiteManager 1139 - Hardware, DIN mount, integrated 4G (EU/US/CN/JP models)

SiteManager 3339 - Hardware, DIN mount, integrated 3G (old model)
SiteManager 1139 - Hardware, DIN mount, integrated 3G (old model)

SiteManager 3239 - Hardware, DIN mount, integrated 3G
SiteManager 1039 - Hardware, DIN mount, integrated 3G

SiteManager 3229 - Hardware, DIN mount, external 3G (USB)
SiteManager 1129 - Hardware, DIN mount, external 3G (USB)
SiteManager 1029 - Hardware, DIN mount, external 3G (USB)

SiteManager Embedded 6110 - Software, for Windows XP/7/8/10
SiteManager Embedded 6111 - Software, for Linux x86/x64

Deprecation/EOL announcement:

The LinkManager 6041 Client software - LinkManager 7.x release series,
will not receive any future feature updates.

Secomea will continue to provide necessary security updates for the 6041
client software 7.x release series until end of May 2019.

The latest LinkManager 6041 software release is 7.4 build 18025.

  1. Highlights of this release

  • This is mostly a bugfix release.

  1. New features and improvements

GateManager (GM)

  • Improved GTA button behaviour with and without LM Client. #9473

    Each GTA button (VNC, RDP, SSH, TELNET) can now be assigned to one of the
    following actions (via the new lightbulb on the GTA line):

    . show selection menu (with buttons for each of the following actions)
    . launch In-browser viewer (at present only for VNC)
    . launch a native viewer/program via LM Client (if Ready)
    . "Other": show "manual start" popup (with DNS name + port number)

    The "Other" selection replaces the "External Viewer" checkbox for the
    VNC service - and adds the corresponding feature for the other services
    which didn't have it before.

    In LM "not ready" mode, the selection is stored in current browser
    session, so settings are reset by F5 and on next login.

    In LM "ready" mode, the selection is stored in browser's local storage,
    so it persists across F5 and logout/login.

  • Add support for hostnames in server relay and webproxy targets. #8515

    Instead of an IP address, a HOSTNAME (with optional @AGE) may now be
    specified as a named server relay target, e.g.

    The DNS names are automatically looked up by the GateManager on
    startup and when a new entry is created; entries are automatically
    refreshed every 30 minutes, but a faster refresh time can be specified
    for a given hostname by appending @SECONDS to the hostname, e.g.
    to refresh every 100 seconds, use

  • Show "full path" for joined domains in domain tree.

    When showing a joined domain in the domain tree, the full path upto the
    root domain (or nearest customer domain) is now shown instead of just the
    domain name.

  • All GateManagers now support uploading large Firmware and Public files
    upto a size of 255 MB. For GM4250 this is a big improvement over the
    previous release only allowing files upto ~40MB to be uploaded. #9515

  • Customized login page templates can now test symbols "ADMIN" and "LM"
    to known if the base URL is one of "/admin" or "/lm".

LinkManager Mobile (LMM)

  • N/A

LinkManager (LM) Client 6051 (8.x release series)

  • N/A

SiteManager (SM)

  • Support Generic Subnet agent on all SM 11xx and 15xx models. #9489

  • Enhance and optimize "Mobile Broadband" connection setup.

    In some cases, it could take a very long time to establish
    a working Mobile Broadband connection, and in some cases even
    more than one hour - which would trigger the connection watchdog,
    causing a restart. #9356

    The following improvements have been made to mobile broadband setup:

    . Prioritize home network if SIM changes IMSI.

    If the SIM changes IMSI and we have found a network that is
    home for this new IMSI, give that network priority.

    . Delete caches if connection watchdog triggers.

    If the connection watchdog triggers, there is a chance that the
    reason for the failure is that the APN and cell scan caches are
    stale (eg. because the SM is moved to a new location).
    So clear the caches when the WD triggers.

    . Limit number of APN retries to 3 before re-scanning network.

  • Add APN for Things Mobile (IMSI 23450). #9523

SiteManager Embedded (SM-E)

  • SM-E for Windows now has support for 100 static relays with a
    suitable license. #9492

Device Agents

  • N/A

  1. Bug Fixes

GateManager (GM)

  • Fix sporadic server crashes on GM 4250 running out of memory when
    uploading a large Firmware file. #9515

  • Fix "Save Certificate" option when logging in with SMS validation.
    Before, the certificate was not saved for subsequent logins. #9510

  • Fix various issues when deleting saved certificates on "My Account".
    #9318 #9510 #9105

  • Never start native VNC viewer in non-connected mode. #9473

    The VNC button would behave inconsistently in non-connected mode,
    launching noVNC or a native VNC viewer, depending on the browser's
    current LinkManager state.

    Now VNC button always launches noVNC in non-connected mode even if
    browser has websocket to the LM Client and a native VNC viewer is

  • If the LinkManager Client is rejected by the GateManager for some reason,
    the status was not updated in the portal; now show state as "Failed"
    with mouse-over "Connection rejected by GateManager". #9469

  • Fix uploading of a configuration profile from a file. #9488

LinkManager (LM) Client 6051 (8.x release series)

  • Fix broken UDP fragmentation (directed to host PC). #9459

  • Fix rare crashes when receiving an ICMP packages after
    disconnecting from remote device. #9452

LinkManager Mobile (LMM)

  • N/A

SiteManager (SM)

  • Sending SMS alerts via TCP or UDP no longer worked in release 8.2.
    Restore the functionality in release 8.3 #9518

  • Fix sporadic "loss of service" when performing many active FTP connections
    via a server relay or LogTunnel. #9277

  • Remove unwanted line breaks around UNICODE in SM status and log. #9487

SiteManager Embedded (SM-E)

  • Fix issue introduced in release 7.4 which caused a few devices to no longer
    work properly when accessed from a LinkManager via a SiteManager Embedded.

  • Fix memory leak on GM Device/Server Relays pages. #9507

Device Agents

  • Fix QuickPanel+ support in SM-E broken since release 7.4. #9525

  • Fix QuickPanel+ support when connecting from a LinkManager 8.x #9251

  1. Upgrade information

Using the GateManager Portal

Your GateManager and all your SiteManagers can be upgraded directly from
the GateManager Portal.

First use the Server Administrator account to upload the firmware or installer
file to the GateManager's Files > Firmware repository.

Then you can use the "Upgrade Firmware" command or the [Upgrade] button to
upgrade your GateManager and each of your SiteManagers.

You can also use an Action to perform a bulk update of all your SiteManagers.

Note: Upgrading GateManager 3.x and 4.x servers directly to release 8.1 is
not supported; please contact Secomea support for assistance if needed.

Upgrading from LinkManager 6041 (7.x) to LinkManager 6051 (8.x)

When you install LinkManager 6051, you will be asked if you want to keep
the existing LinkManager 6041 installation. You can have both installed
at the same time, but you cannot run both at the same time.

If you need to connect to GateManager servers which are not yet upgraded to
release 8.x or rely on the LMv1 API, you will need to keep the LM 6041

Notice that none of the saved certificates, passwords or other settings are
migrated from the LinkManager 6041 (7.x) to the new LinkManager 6051 (8.x);
you will have to use the original .LMC certificate file and password to login
with the new LinkManager (on the GM portal).

  1. Known issues or limitations

The following are not particularly new for this release

  • Domain Messages that used to be shown when logging in on the legacy
    LinkManager Console, are not shown to LinkManager Users logging into the
    GateManager portal.

  • The LinkManager 7.x client supported customized "Go To Appliance
    Services" which could launch specific applications for a specific
    service. This is not supported by the new Unified interface.

  • COM-port number can not be changed while there is an active connection
    using the COM-port; make sure to disconnect before changing the number.
    Also, after changing the number, you may need to wait a minute or so
    before starting the connection, as it takes some time for the Windows
    Device Manager to effectuate the change.


  • SiteManager WiFi supports WPA/WPA2 and TKIP/AES encryption.
    WEP is not supported.

  • WiFi access points that require web page login are not supported.

  • Note that using the PPI option requires optimal bandwidth for both
    the LinkManager and the SiteManager. This is due to the PPI protocol and
    Step7 software by design do not take into account the delays (latency)
    that may occur when relaying the communication over long distances.

  • The Siemens Step5 agent requires optimal bandwidth for both the LinkManager
    and the SiteManager.



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