Secomea Release 11.1
  • 11 Dec 2023
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Secomea Release 11.1

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We're excited to share the content of our 11.1 release.  🎉

Full release notes can be found here:

Most Important Changes

 New features and enhancements:

RD-6556: Update General Terms and Conditions.

 GateManager 8250 Server

 New features and enhancements:

RD-6350: Add "Request for Access" management to CRM API.

RD-6548: Show advanced logging status on Server > Status.

RD-6556: Update General Terms and Conditions.

RD-6589: Support public and shared files larger than 255 MB.

 Bug fixes:

RD-6349: Request for access data is not backed up.

RD-6410: AD Integration may create duplicate users on the GateManager.

RD-6438: Login not possible when username has symbols.

RD-6461: The "tunnel" reference is missing on "Connect Reason" audit records.

RD-6466: CSR for wildcard certificates is incorrectly generated.

RD-6475: A server admin cannot do GTA in a domain with "RFA" enabled.

RD-6478: On Red Hat systems, GM fails to automatically restart after upgrade from GUI.

RD-6481: Some Domain Relay settings may be lost after a GM restart.

RD-6484: Changing approver should log selected account in audit log.

RD-6495: Server > Log not working on Debian 12.

RD-6499: User is removed from non-AD GateManager groups if AD Integration is enabled.

RD-6500: Various CRM API issues.

RD-6501: SiteManager "Attached" date is incorrect.

RD-6510: Audit for "Disconnect LM" event is sometimes incomplete.

RD-6512: GM GUI shows all timestamps in UTC when doing SSO.

RD-6518: Issue with replacing and editing shared files.

RD-6523: Advanced Logging via TLS may create defunct openssl processes.

RD-6531: CRM API verify/account cannot validate UTF-8 passwords.

RD-6534: GM installer may fail to detect that sendmail is already installed.

RD-6542: Some audit log messages are incomplete.

RD-6547: CRM API Account verification is not Audit logged.

RD-6561: Advanced logging field is too short for practical use with TLS.

RD-6565: CRM API v 1.11 improvements and fixes.

RD-6574: Once in a while clicking items in the domain tree doesn't properly move focus.

RD-6578: Clicking "Open LinkManager GUI" on LM in tree does not work.

RD-6584: The Disconnect button is not shown in some cases.

RD-6586: Unexpected logout when LM User opens "Access Requests" tab.

RD-6591: In-browser RDP may fail if LinkManager Client is running.

RD-6592: View-only VNC, Device Busy.

RD-6594: Advanced Group may refuse to re-enable after being disabled.

RD-6596: Duplicate "example" in description of "grant_id" in crm_openapi.yaml.

RD-6597: In-browser RDP login fails for some usernames and passwords.

RD-6603: Opening VNC service in LinkManager Mobile fails with "Device Busy".

 Security advisories:

RD-6533: CVE-2023-3675.

SiteManager and SiteManager Embedded

 New features and enhancements:

RD-6361: Updated default ports for agent "Exor".

RD-6403: New Omron agents.

RD-6451: Support for new external WiFi dongle.

RD-6520: Passive FTP support on LogTunnels.

RD-6543: Update ports on ABB agent.

RD-6562: Update for Teltonika firmware  R_00.07.05.

 Bug fixes:

RD-6370: SM unable to read/act upon PLMNwACT.

RD-6419: SME for Windows does not recognize secondary IP subnets.

RD-6448: Stray tunnel entry shown for Subnet Agent on DEV2/3.

RD-6453: Occasional WiFi AP mode failure.

RD-6468: The "search" button proposes the wrong agent type.

RD-6480: Distorted utf-8 characters in SMS Alerts sent via GM gateway.

RD-6482: Socket leak in VxWorks SME (DKM).

RD-6529: Unattached SME could crash when in-browser GTA is enabled in GM.

RD-6530: Invalid DHCP Domain name could break DNS.

RD-6538: Inconsistent SME state on network disconnection.

RD-6549: FTP Server relays from SM to LM broken in 10.1.

RD-6551: SME for VxWorks does not respond correctly to ping.

RD-6564: SME/VxWorks: incorrect serial number generated.

RD-6571: SME installer issues "chown" warning.

RD-6581: International characters corrupted in log messages.

RD-6593: Keyboard Layout option in in-browser RDP agent has an invalid option.

False Positive in Virustotal. 
During the security check of our LinkManager .exe file, we discovered a false positive.
We're currently working closely with Virustotal to fix the issue. See more information here


Bug fixes:

RD-6471: LM fails to connect when Alternative LM Hostname is specified.

RD-6517: In Firefox, downloading a shared file changes LinkManager Client state to Off.

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