Resetting an Appliance
  • 22 Sep 2022
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Resetting an Appliance

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Article summary

This article will provide information about how to reset a Secomea Device.

This guide will show you how to reset a Secomea Device to the factory default setting.

In November 2017 a reset button was introduced to the SM11xx and SM33xx hardware SiteManager.

The function

Holding down the switch for less than 5 seconds will make the SM reboot.

If the switch is held down for more than 5 seconds, settings will be reset
to factory defaults as well (after the reboot).

Note: During power-up, you should wait until the red LED starts blinking before pressing the switch; if pressed too early, the SM may hang and need to be powered off and on again.

The reset button is located on top of the SiteManager in a corner. (extra hole in the case) 

To reset a Secomea device like a TrustGate or a SiteManager, you will need to connect a computer to the device using the serial interface. If you have the password to the device you can reset the device from the WEB GUI Maintenance menu, and you don't need to follow these instructions.
Resetting a device will clear all configurations, and you will need to re-configure the unit from scratch.
The default user name is "admin" and the default password is "admin".
Hint: If you have to use the Appliance Launcher for configuring the device, the password may have been set to MAC address - for example:
00:00:24:CA:CB:D1 ( all capital letters and separated by a colon “:”)

All other SiteManagers

  1. Power your PC and the device off.
  2. Connect the PC and the device’s DB-9 interface with the null-modem cable.
  3. Power your PC and the device on.
  4. Start a terminal program (for example PuTTY or Hyperterminal)
  5. Set the communication parameters: See the images below
  6. If a prompt (>) does not appear on the screen, press Enter.
a. NOTE: If a serial agent is configured on the SiteManager, the console messages on the COM port are “muted” (aka “ConMute”). To activate the console menu in the terminal, press the Ctrl key, while you type "kkk". The three k’s have to be typed in quick succession after each other (within one second). If you do not succeed immediately, try a few more times. You should then get this screen


  1. Type "reset", followed by Enter
  2. Type "yes" ( to confirm), followed by Enter
  3. Type "reboot", followed by Enter
  4. Close the session
  5. Power off and disconnect the cable

Additional info

GateManager 4260 console Serial cable pinout

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