Secomea Release 9.5
  • 22 Jun 2021
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Secomea Release 9.5

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New - Support of BROWSE NAME for OPC-UA client

New - DCM support for a USB GPS receiver device. See guide here

New - Added OpenStreetMap links to SiteManager position in GateManager Portal and LinkManager Mobile

New -  Added GNSS distance internal sample for better DCM update logic. See updated guide here

New - Adjustment option for long Ethernet Cable length: See guide here

Update - Installer package for SiteManager Embedded for Raspberry PI (v6122)

Update - Changed error message for undefined network on subnet agent

Update - Enabled serial driver frame timeout to be able to set 0 (no timeout)

Update - Schneider PLC specific Modbus DCM Regswap

Update - Increased SiteManager Embedded domain token length to better support Asian character sets (e.g. Japanese Hiragana)


Fixed - DEV1 no longer fails when DEV2+3 in separation mode has defined IP

Fixed - SiteManager v9.4 OPC-UA implementation was not compatible with the previous DCM config

Fixed - DCM Store and Forward could not handle backwards date/time changes

Fixed - Upgrade SiteManager Embedded from GateManager failed to set OpenSSL with executable rights

Fixed - “OPCUASecurityPolicy” option Basic256 returned an error

Fixed - OPC-UA collector crashed when generating a new certificate

Fixed - SSID (WiFi) was limited to 31 characters; now fixed to be 32 characters



New - Added option to limit the number of SMS and Email messages sent by appliances (see GateManager>Domain>Domain Settings>Max Messages)

New - Added OpenStreetMap links to the SiteManager position in GateManagerPortal and LinkManager Mobile

New - Display versions of OSS components in GateManager 'About' section

New - Added "Secure" flag when clearing Code cookie (Should clear some warnings in Firefox)

Update - Removed LinkManager 7.X support in GateManager. See article here

Update - Various CRM API enhancements

Update - GoToAppliance buttons should "transform" to useIP if connected with LinkManager

Update - Removed "Order form" and simplified "Order License" page

Update - LinkManager troubleshooter now mentions browser extensions

Update - Use DNS-based GoToAppliance for SiteManager GUI -also for LinkManager users. DNS-based GoToAppliance is now used even if in LinkManager connected mode. If using port-based GoToAppliance, it will use in LinkManagerconnected mode.

Update - GateManager Troubleshoot shows 'Attention needed'-flag for "is LinkManager Client running"


Fixed - Domain traffic statistics were not saved across a server restart (Previously seen during GM upgrade)

Fixed - SMS Enable setting could not be changed in Server>Config

Fixed - LinkManager Mobile losing the in-browser button

Fixed - Export functionality broken in 9.4 create gui.html file

Fixed - GateManager did not automatically start during upgrade from 9.3 to 9.4

Fixed - Errors entering an SMS gateway prefix in mobile number

Fixed - GateManager account login could fail after running 'Tidy Domain'

Fixed - GateManager accounts with '/' (slash) in name would fail to zip the certificate, resulting in missing file in Email (e.g. CompanyName A/S)

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