How to use Gatemanager GUI extended search
  • 21 Apr 2021
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How to use Gatemanager GUI extended search

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The normal "simple search" is performed locally in the browser-based on the available information already shown in the domain tree. Using the advanced search, you can perform server-side searches based on information that is not available in your browser, for example, appliance heartbeats, domain descriptions, message texts, etc.

Like a simple search, the result of an advanced search is indicated by highlighting the matching objects in the domain tree; so an advanced search can only find objects that are already shown in the domain tree. For matching message and reports, the corresponding domain is highlighted in the tree.
To go to extended search double-click the "magnifying glass" in the simple search field.

This will bring up the extended search popup

Advanced search supports the following meta-characters in the search pattern: 
A * matches any character sequence 
a ? matches a single character 
^ matches the start of the field
$ matches the end of the field.

Select the object type you want to search for with the radio buttons

With Appliances and Agents, it's possible to select which fields the search applies to.

Appliance fields
Agent fields


Searching for a report or message will highlight the domain containing the report/message matching the search.
[Enter]-key will loop through the search result matches while using the blue arrows will stop at the end of the search

Important - If a filter on Customer domains is selected. Advanced Search will NOT search in customer domains.

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