GateManager (Own) installation on Azure
  • 31 Mar 2021
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GateManager (Own) installation on Azure

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This article illustrates how to set up a GateManager 8250 on the Azure Cloud (In this example; we will configure the GateManager 8250 on an Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS).
The techniques used were deliberately chosen for someone who does not work with Linux very often. Azure offers multiple approaches when configuring your VM. Please refer to the Azure guides if a different approach is preferred.
This article references the Guide; GateManager server model 8250 - Installation STEP 0 - Preparing the Linux Installation for the services required in order to configure the GateManager Own on Azure.

Create or Login into your account with the Azure Cloud

Create an SSH Keypair to access your VM once it has been configured

(The SSH Key is a secure method to access your VMs without the need to enter a password each time you access your VM.  Note: username & password to access your VMs is also an option)

Create a Resource Group (Azure Portal)

Click on the Resource Group to the left;

Then select Add +;

NOTE: You can create a resource group using the Azure Portal, Azure CLI or Windows Powershell.  In this article, I will be using a combination of the Azure Portal & Azure CLI.

Create your VM & select the Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS

Click on the Virtual machines to the left;

Then select Add +;

Next, select the platform you wish to use on your Virtual Machine.  In this example, we have chosen Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS.

The Azure Cloud will generate your VM for you with very few services installed on the Linux Server.  You will need to add a few basic services in order to complete the GateManager Own 8250 deployment.

You will also need a few basic Azure features or services as well

Create a data disk

You need to create & mount a data disk for your Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS VM.  Here is the link to create & manage disks on Azure

Now the VM is ready for us to add a few services; using the Azure CLI, SSH onto the Ubuntu Server to configure the basic services required to access your Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS using RDP (Remote Desktop Connection app)

We will start by adding a desktop to the Ubuntu Server and a Linux service called xrdp.  This service will allow you to RDP onto your VM to add the remaining services required on the Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and download the GateManager Own files from  This approach is ideal for anyone who does not have much Linux experience.

There are a number of Linux desktops available, please review the various tech forums as to which will work best for you.  In this example, we used Mate Desktop

Linux commands;

sudo apt-get install xrdp (installs xrdp)
sudo apt-get update (setup desktop for xrdp)
sudo apt-get install mate-core mate-desktop-environment mate-notification-daemon

Referencing the 8250 – STEP 0 Guide, open the required ports in your VM’s resource; Network Security Group.  Open the Network Security Group by opening your Resource Group in the Azure Portal.  This will list all of the components in your Resource Group (screenshot below).  Select the *-nsg (stpVM-nsg) Network security group.

Then select the Inbound security rules to the left;

The following screenshot shows the required ports opened in the Azure Network security group;

Using your Windows RDP application, access your VM to complete the GateManager Own 8250 deployment;

Once you have accessed the Ubuntu Server you can complete the balance of your tasks.  Open up Firefox & download the latest version of our GateManager Own 8250 software.  Install the GateManager Own & complete the balance of the required changes to the Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS in order to launch your GateManager Own 8250.

Examples; add mail service, configure DNS (if required, see Azure documentation on DNS configuration)...refer to our GateManager Own deployment guides for a complete lists of tasks required in order to deploy a GateManager Own 8250.

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