Dual-band WiFi adapter
  • 21 Nov 2023
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Dual-band WiFi adapter

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Article summary

This article covers information about our new dual-band WiFi adapter (WiFi 5).

Please note:

The new WiFi USB Adapter P/N 27204 is only supported by our 15xx/35xx series and OEM models.


Operation notices and Configuration

Make sure that the SiteManager is at firmware level 11.1 or newer in order to support the WiFi
adapter. Note that the WiFi USB adapter is not hot-plug detected. You must power the appliance
Off and On for proper detection. The adapter can be configured in the SiteManager for one of the
following operation modes:

WiFi Client mode:

The WiFi settings for client mode are configured in the SiteManager menu
System -> Uplink2. Refer to the SiteManager online help for Uplink2 for more information.

WiFi Access Point (AP) mode:

The WiFi settings for AP mode are configured in the SiteManager
menu System -> DEV1. Refer to the SiteManager online help for DEV1 for more information.

Blink patterns only apply to Client mode.
When in AP mode, the LED will be Off.

Blink Patterns (Client mode)LED Pattern
No WiFi connection (or AP mode enabled)Off
WiFi connection establishedSteady blue
Traffic (incl. attempting to connect to AP)Flashing blue

Note: that you cannot rely solely on the LED for status. Instead enter the SiteManager Web GUI,
and either use the Scan button under menu System -> Uplink2, and select Status -> Network
where it will also be indicated if the SiteManager received an IP address from the access point.

See the full guide of the USB Adapter here: USB WiFi Adapter

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