DCC Release Notes 2.0
  • 21 Mar 2023
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DCC Release Notes 2.0

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Article Summary

DCC Release Notes 2.0


  • Moved the Hamburger menu button down to the bottom center of the screen.
  • Fixed Tooltip clipping out off the screen, when widget configuration is all the way to the right side
  • When the user logs in the user will be redirected to dashboard on mobile (screen equal or smaller then 500px width)
  • Changed Date Range into a radio button together with time interval, batches and realtime. Fixed the interoperation between linechart and date range time option.
  • Applying smoothing of data when date range or fixed time period is chosen. Smoothing is disabled for Realtime.
  • Overlapping between legend and features fixed
  • Filter out widget it self in copy style
  • Removed apply button
  • Added automatically apply when select
  • Fixed layout for style tab
  • Removed reset button for style tab
  • Added dots overflow to selects.
  • Fixed a bug where sorting would get removed when receiving new data.
  • Added option to select and unselect all data that is displayed on chart
  • Use default behavior for paste to input fields
  • Allow empty description

Value widget:

  • Fixed the value widget, so it doesn't read all data from dataSources. Only read when selected for value or controller.
  • Fixed dynamic font size for Value widget
  • Show converted bool when bool is datatype
  • Show only value when dataType is equal string

Fleet table:

  • Fixed a bug, where creating a new fleet table would crash the instance.
  • Added collector to query string options for NBI collector name replacement

GTA widgets:

  • Moved WebVisu into it's own component, VNC poc with hardcoded appliance, and LMM creds for test purposes.
  • Fixed issue where is wasn't possible to write in the gm url field if user wasn't using fleet management
  • Added spinner when widgets is retrieving gm url while in fleet management context

Text formatter widget:

  • Fixed font size, not been able to use dynamic and use em unit
    Symbol widget:
  • Symbol text is now dynamic, and you can choose to add bold onto the text

Account Setup:

  • When editing company, you no longer see the Retention and Cold storage.
  • When adding a new dashboardUser to a childCompany the only available dashboards that can be added to that user is:
  • Dashboards created in that child company
  • Inherited dashboards to the child company
  • Options for inheritance of dashboards to companies are now based on the following:
  • Dashboards inherited to the users company (parent company to the newly created/edited child-company).
  • Dashboards created in users company (parent company to the newly created/edited child-company).
  • When creating a domain in account setup you can leave the gatemanager fqdn empty. but you cannot edit the domain without giving it a gatemanager fqdn:
  • You now have to give gatemanager fqdn when creating domain


  • IoT Admin: Optimized the green color for configuration events and removed the text "(data are expected to be retained in DB for approximately 17 days)".

Data viewer:

  • Fixed buttons flickering on Data Viewer


  • Under billing information, Retention and cold storage is grayed out (disabled).


  • Fixed search function not working while editing report

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