DCC Release Notes 1.9
  • 08 Nov 2021
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DCC Release Notes 1.9

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Multi factor Authentication (Account setup – MFA)

New features includes multi factor authentication: The User is able to:
● Force MFA at role level
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● Force MFA at the user level
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DCM Certificates(Account setup – DCM Certificates)

● Added support for project certificates
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Remote access(BETA)(Dashboard - Remote access)

New feature includes GTA VPN modbus, that handles registers (not coils). The User is able
● Send string (variable register length (max 63)) and integers (Only int16 & -32 and
● See current values from the PLC (both string and integers)
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Gatemanager Tree Optimization

● Lightweight and flexible solution for rendering large tree structures

Latest additions(Usage– Latest additions)

● Get an overview of the latest activities in your company
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(Improvement/Value Widget)

● Fixed various issues related to timestamp calculation and data initialization
● Fixed initialization not showing "--" correctly when data is invalidated
● Boolean values coming from websocket now correctly shows as "False" and "True"
instead of 0 and 1.
● Fixed infinite spinner when changing datasources and pressing apply

(Improvement/Chart Widget)

The chart widget supports logistics data.
The logistics translations can be shown as events, with the color, icon and text (in
mouseover). The events are only shown on events changes, i.e. if an alarm status changes
from no alarm to temperature alarm, the chosen translation for this new alarm status is
● Added option for changing font size and bold font style for legend and axis
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(Improvement/Bar Chart Widget)

The bar chart has a number of new features for supporting logistics data and counting
these as events. Furthermore, the naming convention has been updated to better fit the
functionality of other widgets.
Example of using the bar chart with logistics data to count and sort the events:
Choose the logistics data to be treated as an event, in order to only register the
edges of event changes.

● The time period is set to
be controlled from the Date Range widget.
● Sub-intervals are set to the entire time range.
● The counted events are sorted descending.
● To control layout of the bars, so it is consistent with the number of different detected events,
the number of bars is fixed to 20.
● Naming convention is updated to follow the logic of other widgets:
● Rolling window is called Real-time
● Real-time is now called Last value
● Time interval is renamed to Accumulation
● Fixed is renamed to Time interval
● Time option is renamed to Display option
● Interval is renamed to sub-interval
● Use a logistics data point as an alternative to samplepoint
● Display logistics data point as discrete events (i.e. alarms)
● Added sorting for interval type bar charts
● Added option for hiding bars below a certain value
● Fixed naming of display modes and real-time vs time interval
● Removed all OEE functionality
● Made sorting a global option for bar chart (again)
● Introduced a checkbox for using fixed number of bars (instead of empty input field
meaning turned off)
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(Improvement/Batch Selector Widget)

● Fixed a potential crash when no data translation has been defined while trying to
use realtime batches

(Improvement/Fleet Table Widget)

● Added an option to automatically size column widths (disabling the manual drag
option when enabled)
● Throttled data updates to once per second
● Fixed sorting
● Changed header styling in regards to actions, by disabling sorting for that column
● Right aligned actions column header text
● Added options for search bar placement (top left, top right (default), bottom left,
bottom right and don't show (in preparation for universal search bar widget))
● Added option for specifying a time period in seconds, after which data is
considered invalid and logistics data translations uses the default translation (icon,
color, value) instead.
● Fixed various bugs related to default translations on fleet table widget
● Fixed fleet table search function bug introduced in relation to timeout functionality
● Fixed gauges showing NaN instead of the data received
● Fixed gauge percentages value and visual display

(Improvement/Fleet Map Widget)

● Limited re-generation of markers to once per second, providing a significant
performance improvement by eliminating unnecessary rerenders
● Added option for specifying a time period in seconds, after which data is
considered invalid and logistics data translations uses the default translation (icon,
color, value) instead.
● Rearranged marker color options layout
● Added option to prioritize warning colors for marker clusters (e.g. a red marker
among green markers will make the cluster red)
● Fixed time invalidation (defaulting) for tooltip values for markers

(Improvement/Picture Widget)

● Added tooltips for values on hover for icons
● Correctly implemented data initialization
● Fixed marker positioning - now they always place correctly in relation to the picture
● Improved performance by throttling marker updates to once a second
● Cleaned up render code for markers

(Improvement/Report Generator Widget)

● Added a toaster that warns and stops the user if they try to generate a report with
a longer period than one month.

(Improvement/Dashboard Setup)

● Makes it possible to give a background picture a left and top margin

(Improvement/Account Setup)

● Introduce filter to domains and logistics templates
● Expand parent companies upon selection of a branch or subsidiary
● Select company when clicking on a filtered domain or logistics template
● Filtered results would not select a company if the selected company was equal to
the filtered items company

(Improvement/Iot ADMIN)

● Removed reference to GroupConfiguration
● Fixed alignment of component containers

(Improvement/Iot ADMIN)

● Added Appliance ID to IoT Admin


● Clicking selected sample points would not scroll to the given sample point in the
GM tree
● Selecting a sample point in the GM tree would not mark it as selected and could
be selected multiple times
● Introduce "Discard changes" modal when unchecking all sample points and click


● When synchronizing a gatemanager it would not update appliance names
● Unsynchronized gatemanagers was not filterable

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