DCC Release Notes 1.10
  • 19 Jan 2023
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DCC Release Notes 1.10

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Article Summary

Improvement/Widget conf

● Changed all questionmark icons to "i” icon.
● Apply button triggers apply on edit widget.
● Added a button that when clicked “only shows the online DCMs” just like in iot
admin or data viewer.
● Fixed the GateManager overlapping on data-tab.
● Rebuilt the dashboard-menu to support search function, and easier adding of new
● When searching, found items will be expanded.
● Added a tooltip that shows the position and dimensions when moving or resizing
● Added current dashboard name to header when editing dashboard.
● If all units are the same for all datasources, the unit is displayed on the axis for line
chart, bar chart and boxplot.
● Copy/Paste works by right clicking on a widget and pressing copy, then press on
the grid of a dashboard, and press ctrl+v or right click and press paste, the paste
will be disabled if what is in clipboard is not a widget.
● Copy widget style from one widget to another.

Improvement/Value Widget

● Provide the ability to add a status bar in the value widget, which informs the user if
the value is low, mid or upper range.
● Show insignificant 0s in value widget e.g 1.20 instead of 1.2

Improvement/Line Chart Widget

● Removed alarm at the beginning of a graph that is not part of the specified time
● Tooltip now only shows 1 timestamp if all values got the same timestamp
● Added option to show whole numbers on y-axis.
● Fixed the logistics not showing the right amount of logistics data.
● Implemented logistics templates to real time line charts.
● Possibility to choose the date format.
● Create interval option for line chart, which lets the user choose the interval of the
data points.
● Quickly select and unselect all legends. A new button is shown beside the legends.
● Feature to show bit translations in the line chart.
● Set grid interval for time interval.
image.png{height="" width=""}
● Set data interval for batch option.
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● Fixed loading-spinner bug in line chart, where a spinner is displayed when no data
is being processed.

Improvement/Bar Chart Widget

● Added option for changing the sub interval in read only mode.
● Added optional average marker.
● Change "show descriptive text in bars" default to false
● Added indentation to various tooltips, to ensure the tooltip does not get out of the
● Removed default logistics.
● Option to stack bars.
● Possibility to choose the date format.
● Fixed an issue that would cause box plot and bar chart to crash when initializing
● Fix an issue where "equation" was not applied to real time data in bar chart
● Quickly select and unselect all legends. A new button is shown beside the legends.
● Set grid interval for time chart.

Improvement/Batch Selector Widget

● Fixed a potential crash when no data translation has been defined while trying to
use real time batches.

Improvement/Fleet Table Widget

● Added information about automatic dcm management "Selects dcm's
automatically based on the logistics template".
● Fixed error when not selecting any templates.
● Made pop-up(toaster) text more precise "No logistics template selected”.
● Fixed bug, when no translation is available in configured columns in Fleet table.
● Fixed error, where data translation does not return the default translation.
● Show dcm names in automatic fleet management view.
● Remove color from manuel DCM management.
● Fleet table now adds empty rows if there are not enough rows for the full fleet
● Fixed bug where columns and rows exceed the window.
● Auto selected dcm names in edit widget.
● Updating table actions and maptarget action.
● Expandable actions in edit widget.
● Ability to set rows per page to automatic in “edit” widget.
● Fix hover on fleet table actions.
● Global actions tooltip in fleet table.

Improvement/Fleet Map Widget

● Added information about automatic dcm management "Selects dcm's
automatically based on the logistics template".
● Fixed error when not selecting any templates.
● Made pop-up(toaster) text more precise "No logistics template selected”.
● Fixed error, where data translation does not return default translation.
● Show dcm names in automatic fleet management view.
● Remove color from manual DCM management
● Fixed a bug when a string was empty, it was interpreted as a 0 (zero) in logistics
translation (this fixed the markers not being the same on fleet map as fleet table).
● Moved the actions functionality to logistics templates.
● Ability to handle individual DCM IDs.
● Rework how settings appear for fleet map. It now has four collapsible groups.
● Fix auto DCM symbol status.
● Remove map cluster, when maximum zoomed in.

Improvement/Picture Widget

● Added option to colorize the picture, just like in symbol widget.
● Allow the user to click on the picture widget, and set a target dashboard in the

Improvement/Date Range widget

● Added radio buttons to choose between real time or time interval, works with barand
line chart.
● Added option for custom font colors to date-range widget.
● Added feature: choose how big the date range can be.
● Support bar chart, correlation matrix, box plot and event browser in data export.

Improvement/Navigation widget

● Added responsive text option to Navigation widget.
● Made it possible to pass DCM-ID to child dashboards.

Improvement/Dashboard overview

● Filter now works when dashboard gets updated.
● Fixed a bug where you could not delete a dashboard if it was inherited.
● Added a dashboard name to the delete dashboard modal.
● After you create a dashboard, you automatically view it.


● Added filter by company to latest additions.
● Fixed the scrollbar on both billing and latest additions tables.
● The billing information now shows the biggest dcm count for the company for each
● Use appliance name in billing modal.


● The Utilities header is now aligned in the center like the other options when the
screen is too small.
● Added selection of dcm's under alarms, and reports.
● Fixed tooltip hiding behind component.


● When configuring alarm, the view expands and shows the samplepoint in the vtree
● Disabled the "New alarm" button when you press on a dcm.
● Fixed a bug where the buttons and input would get out of the container if the
window was too small. (Added a scrollbar if it is too small).
● Added checkbox and text field for custom mail message.
● Added support for enabled & disabled email & sms notifications.
● Fixed a bug where checking the email or sms checkbox would not turn on the save
● Add alarm as trigger type in multi select.
● Show selected alarms.
● Fix when a sample point is selected while the Alarm Overview is loading, all alarms
show up for the selected sample.

Improvement/Account setup

● Fixed issue where loading-spinner not showing up when loading.
● Added a horizontal scrollbar to domains and logistics tables, to prevent action
buttons being hidden if the screen is too small.
● Sets actions for fleet management under logistics templates.
● Added a loading-spinner when the “delete domain”-button is clicked.
● Company now expands when the company name is clicked.
● The company names are now inline.
● The logistics table will now show a message when the table is empty "No templates
found for this company”.
● When editing a company, the list refreshes to show the updated company.
● Added pop-ups(toasters) when deleting domain, user and company.
● Added operators to the logistics templates raw data translation.
● Fixed a bug where logistics templates table would turn blue when company was
● Fixed issue where “delete company”-button were hard to click because of tooltip.
● Added better overview when editing a logistics template (Now only shows the data
name and data type and an option to expand for further changes).
● Optimized the layout for smaller screens when editing the logistics template.
● When saving the edited logistic template it will not close the modal.
● Fixed that the filter is not cleared after pressing edit company.
● Added temporary name to new data fields to logistics templates.
● Added <= & >= operators to logistics template.
● Upload custom icons for logistic actions.
● Upload custom icons for logistic data/bit translation.
● Choose custom icon for logistic template under prefilled action.
● Allows the user to apply color filter on custom icons in data translation
● Disables automatic fill in LMM credentials.
● Clear Collector/samplepoint in logistics page.

Improvement/Iot ADMIN

● Changed the text from "null" to "(INHERITED)” in logistic.
● Added buttons with the logistics templates that have been filled out on the DCM.
● Added markline on the collected samples chart, that shows new configuration
● Added support for other pages to refer to a dcm on the iot admin page.
● Added expand/collapse to gm-tree in IOT admin.

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