Multi Factor Authentication for DCC
  • 08 Nov 2021
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Multi Factor Authentication for DCC

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To increase security, multifactor authentication has been implemented for the Data Collection Cloud (DCC).

Multifactor authentication can be used with the following apps:

  • Google Authenticators
  • Twilio Authy

MFA can be enabled on role-by-role basis across the entire company, or for specific users. 


Admin access to DCC

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) :

When MFA is enabled, the user will upon next login be requested to register their authentication app via a QR code, and enter an app-enclosed code when the app is registered.

Future logins will require a dynamic code provided by the authentication app.

 How to Enable Multi Factor Authentication:

First, login to the DCC as an administrator.

  1. Go to the Account setup tab
  2.  Choose to enable MFA on company wide role or individual user level
    Edit Company forenabling at company wide role level

    Edit user for enabling at individual user level

  3.  Enable multi-factor authentication then click save changes.
    At next login the users will be asked to register an authenticator app with a QR code.

By enabling the security option Multi Factor Authentication you add an extra level of validation to the login.
First time users log in they will be required to register an authentication app (Google Authenticator or Twilio Authy) and enter a code from the app.
At any consecutive login they will be required to enter a new code from the registred app.  

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