DCC Release Notes 1.5
  • 05 May 2021
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DCC Release Notes 1.5

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Article summary


Alarm page

Introduced overview of all created alarms.

  • The default home page on the alarm page now shows all created alarms for the company.

IoT administration

Implement download of configuration for DCM

  • It is now possible to download the DCM configuration via the DCC.


Introduce dropdown in a dashboard chart

  • Introduce an icon in the toolbox for dashboard graphs to make it possible to show/hide min, average, and max values in the graph.

Enable sampling in graphs

Report generator using mail from auxiliary server

  • Report generator using mail from an auxiliary server.

Dashboard configuration

  • Background image with scaling options.
  • DCM selection tool.

Datatype filter

  • Data type filter for gm tree during widget sample point selection.

Navigation Widget

  • Widget to navigate between two dashboards

Introduce LTTB sampling

  • Will downsample data points to width of chart area * 2 = x points
  • Works on real-time and timeInterval selection(s)


Fixed a bug when deselecting all sample points would still retain data
  • When deselecting all sample points in the topology tree, the last sample to be deselected would still retain data in chart.
Fixed issue where save button state is disabled in Alarms
  • Only updates state when changing text, phone, email etc. but not trigger type, trigger value or trigger unit.
Fix decimals in CSV files
  • When exporting data using `Report Widget` retain `.,` characters as well.
Fixed a crash in Report Widget
  • Fixed an issue when trying to generate a CSV for all sample points would result in a crash.
Show all digits
  • Decimals are now displayed in the last value widget.
Incoming messages were only applied to one widget
  • If multiple widgets were using the same source for data, only the firstly added widget would receive updates.

Improve consistency regarding selected samplepoints/dcms across different pages

  • When navigating from Data Viewer with selected samplepoints to IoT Administration, it will

highlight the selected DCM.

  • When navigating back to the Data Viewer, it will show data for the selected samplepoint(s).
  • When navigating to Alarms it will clear Data Viewer and force a new GM

Tree structure.

  • When editing a dashboard it will clear Data Viewer and force a new GM Tree structure.

fix/improvements of various widgets

  • Swap charts/graphs.
  • Removed the blue screen by an empty dashboard.
  • When leaving an unsaved dashboard, the "Save" option should be "Save & Exit”.
  • Right Click “Duplicate Widget”.
  • Date range widget: Option for hiding export button.
  • Two Column Table - Sorting Issue.
  • Add Sub-title to Temp Widget and make it responsive when re-sizing.
  • Widget configurations including color pickers should be prefilled with the correct color (instead of white).
  • When using Duplicate Widget, keep the same size of duplicated widget.
  • Right clicking a widget in dashboard, menu should appear by the mouse cursor, not fixed in the corner.
  • Add samplepoint, collector and type to filter.

Dashboard event browser

  • When selecting multiple batches show only the latest selected in the event browser.

Gatemanager tree filter

  • When filtering DCM's in the Data Viewer and IOT Administration, Gatemanagers should also be hidden.
  • Improve gatemanager tree search filter to use delayed trigger.
  • Disable rather than hide "Uncheck" button when a samplepoint is not selected.

Widget map static position.

  • Save static position for dcm in map.

Improve Dashboard configuration.

  • Move dashboard setup to own menu item.
  • Background image functionality.
  • Aspect ratio options for background image.
  • Change DCMs for other suitable DCMs.

Fixed responsive design.

  • Fixed header menu responsiveness issue caused by introduction of "Alarm" button.
  • Fixed mobile vs desktop widget layout.
  • Fixed scrollbars on widgets. Scrollbars are hidden, but scroll functionality remains.
  • Introduced minimum width and height for widgets depending on type.
  • (All changes are legacy compatible, but #2 and #4 requires rebuilding existing dashboards to take advantage of).

Improved Icons in context menu on edit widget

  • Added icons.
  • Fixed alignments.
  • Added close context menu on click outside of menu.

Fixed samplepoint color generation.

  • Graph widget: Colors are now generated in a deterministic fashion. I.e. they will be produced in the same order everytime (red, green, blue, etc). They are generated from at pre-calculated palette of distinct and human-readable colors.
  • Additional fix: When adding many samplepoints to a widget, the widget

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