Configure a SiteManager from the DEV port
  • 20 Apr 2021
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Configure a SiteManager from the DEV port

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Article Summary

It is possible to access the SiteManager GUI through the DEV1 port, using the default IP address (

  1. Connect the DEV1 port of the SiteManager to the Ethernet port of your PC using a standard Ethernet cable.

  2. Configure your PC’s Ethernet adapter to subnet mask

  3. Power on the SiteManager and wait approx. 1 minute for it to become ready.

  4. Type the following in your web browser: - (note the s in https://)
    Sometimes it will give you warnings, press advanced then Proceed.

  5. Login with user admin and the SiteManagers’ MAC address as password (printed on the

    product label).

  6. Enter menu System --> UPLINK1 to set the UPLINK1 address if you want to use a fixed IP  address, or enter menu UPLINK2 to set the SSID/WiFi Key for an integrated or optional USB WiFi module, or PIN Code for an integrated or optional broadband modem.

  7. Get the settings fromeither from the mail or in the GateManager and type in the following under GateManager-General.

    GateManager Address (Server address) either an IP or
    Domain Token (folder name)
    Appliance Name (name of the SiteManager)

  8. Press Save

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