Secomea GateManager 8250 Release 9.3A
  • 19 May 2021
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Secomea GateManager 8250 Release 9.3A

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Article Summary


Added - DNS-Based Go To Appliance (GTA)
Added - GateManager Extended Search


Added - Improvement on Recovery Admin Login
Added - Limit Login methods (Account options)
Added - Restriction on the use of "<" and ">"

Other Updates

Added - Ad-blocker to the LinkManager Troubleshooting screen in the GateManager GUI.
Added - Restrictions on editing of account information in "My Account"
Added - Focus on USB Configuration Key
Added - Moved "Expert Mode" to the top, next to the "Edit" button.
Added - New agent for BRC-46 PLC
Added - Support for creating "Server Administrators" via CRM API.
Added - Add support for including wildcard in certificate request (CSR) file.
Updated - GateManager's "copy to clipboard" features now use a modern Clipboard API.
Updated - Agents: Pepperl & Fuchs.
Updated - Label and help for the "LinkManager Auto-Logout" domain setting. (This feature is only available for LM 7.x Clients)
Removed - Support for upgrading from GateManager 4.x to GateManager 9.3A and newer.

Bug fixes

Fixed - Uploading of web server certificates via the "paste box". This was broken by the file suffix check added in 9.2B.
Fixed - Logo upload if users select the logo and then uncheck/recheck the "Local logo" box.


Using Edge Browser on a slow connection
If you are using a new or old version of "Microsoft Edge" you may see a screen that shows "Well, that didn't work", as displays the message below, if you are on a slow connection and trying to use DNS-Based Go To Appliance (GTA). Please be patient and wait, it will connect you to the device. This issue is caused by how "Microsoft Edge" handles about:blank# links.

Renewal Notification from Let's Encrypt when you are switching to GTA-Based Go To Appliance (GTA)
If you are already using Let's Encrypt in your GateManager and you switch to the wildcard Let's Encrypt certificate required by GTA-Based Go To Appliance (GTA). You may still receive renewal notification from Let's Encrypt when the old certificate is about to expire. This notification can safely be ignored. (Make sure that the notification is about the non-wildcard certificate.)

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